Ms. Niglas-Collins provides a wide range of legal services.  She represents trade unions and individual employees at grievance arbitration, tribunals and professional colleges. 

Full Representation


The usual method of representation for individuals who do not wish to represent themselves.  Kirsty represents the client in all legal matters arising from their case.  

An opportunity to ask questions and decide your options going forward.  


Legal Opinions

Assistance to Self-Represented Litigants

For individuals or organizations who want an opinion on a discreet legal issue.  Such as whether an appeal would be successful.  

For clients who plan to represent themselves but want advice along the way.  Kirsty can provide assistance including reviewing documents, legal advice and strategy.  

Services for Lawyers

Kirsty can assist individual lawyers on a contract basis including drafting legal documents, court appearances, and ghostwriting legal articles and blog posts.